Body Culture and Conflict of Identities: Variations for Dialogue

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Nathalie WALLIAN
Jérémie BRIDE


The confrontations between contemporary societies have found their modern expression in the euphemized and regulated cultural object that is sport. In the ideological apparatus of the state, sport is given stakes and tournaments that the media overexposes, globalizes, and disseminates. Meanwhile, if sport practices represent a global social fact in which all institutions are expressed at one time and totally, we could wonder what would be the contribution of people, individuals and persons at the different scales of variation within society. In other words, under which conditions and by what means could body culture appropriation turn conflict between cultural, individual and inner identities into diaogue so as to facilitate mutual comprehension and shared contemporary humanistic values? We will illustrate this discourse with examples of traditional practices taken from karate and swimming as reference.


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Nathalie WALLIAN, University of Franche-Comté (France)

Professor of Sport Science at the University of Franche Comte, Mrs. Wallian provides research in a crossed field of educational sciences and language sciences: her interests are on the student-centered approaches while interacting with cultural objects and learning tasks.

Jérémie BRIDE, University of Franche-Comté (France), University of Ashiya (Japan)

Doctoral student from the University of Franche Comte and of Ashiya, Mr. Bride studies the Karate practices from an intercultural point of view and a technological perspective related with education and dialogue between cultures.