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Art and Culture: Memories from the Past Royal Monarchy of France

Margareta KASTBERG SJÖBLOM , EA 4661 ELLIADD, University of Franche-Comté


This article focuses on the analysis of textual data and the extraction of lexical semantics. The techniques provided by different lexical statistics tools, such as Hyperbase (Brunet), today open the door to many avenues of research in the field of corpus linguistics, including reconstructing the major semantic themes of a textual corpus in a systematic way, thanks to a computer-assisted semantic extraction.

The object used as a testing ground is a corpus made up by a patrimonial corpus which includes the entire repertoire of the first generation of French Opera librettos performed at the Royal Music Academy at the Palais Royal.

The aim of the contribution is to show how an artistic genre can be a bearer of a political message and a vehicle for its propaganda.



テスト調査に使用されたデータは 、 フランス王室の王室音楽学校で実演された初代フランスオペラ歌詞のレパートリーより作成されたコーパスである。



Arts and Culture; baroque aesthetics; French opera; lexical statistics; thematic analysis; corpus linguistics; 〜; 芸術と文化; バロック式美学; フランスオペラ; 語彙の統計; 主題の分析; コーパス言語学

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