Structural Violence and Migration: Explaining Global and Local Total Institutions

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Decades ago Johan Galtung presented his perspective on violence which includes the distinction between structural, direct and cultural violence. This paper tries to incorporate his approach and present the connection between structural violence and migrations with focus on immigration in the EU. The author argues that the consequence of structural violence is the appearance of two types of excluded spaces: a) global total institutions, which include countries or entire regions of economically less or underdeveloped countries; b) local total institutions within the economically developed countries, which include physical spaces (immigrant neighbourhoods, ghettos, prisons, detention centers for foreigners, etc.) and also social spaces of exclusion in which immigrants are put due to stereotype, prejudice and consequential discrimination.


数十年前、ヨハン・ガルトゥングは構造的、直接的、文化的な暴力の違いを含む暴力についての見解を示した。本稿ではその視角を取り入れながら、EU内の移民政策に焦点を当て構造的暴力と移住の関係について述べたい。構造的暴力とは、以下の2つのタイプの排除された空間の出現であると考えられる。a) 経済的に遅れている国や発展途上国などを含むグローバルな空間の出現。b) 物理的な空間を含む経済先進国内の地域空間(移民地域、ゲットー、刑務所、外国人拘留センターなど)や固定観念による先入観や差別を受け移民が排除される社会的空間の出現。

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