In our modern world where all phenomena, whether physical or cultural, are so complex and so inextricably bound up with each other, researchers in human and social sciences are being increasingly called upon to work across the board towards finding solutions.

It has become urgent to create new ways of thinking and methods of work. It is no longer sufficient to be master of a single discipline, and in the present context it is more and more pressing to imagine and create new fields of research concerning civilization, society, and the environment.

With these considerations in mind, along with its online publication Inter Faculty, the Inter Faculty Education and Research Initiative (IFERI) was established with the objective of creating a new framework for research which would enable and promote a transdisciplinary research environment across institutions and research centres, regardless of affiliation or home country.

Inter Faculty is a forum for the resulting study and research activities. A forum for reflection and for discussion reaching beyond the boundaries of a given discipline, open to the academic community as a whole.

We welcome contributions and reviews in all areas of the human and social sciences.

New Issue Published


Inter Faculty is pleased to announce the publication if its Volume 8, Engagement.

Readers' Forum New Entry Notification


A new entry by Irene Tamba, under the Readers' Forum section of Volume 7, Fragmentation and Divergence, continues the discussion around the French noun sujet with reference to the articles of Berque, Wieviorka, and more especially that of Lebaud.

We would welcome any further discussion or comments from our readers.

New Issue Published


Inter Faculty is pleased to announce the publication if its Volume 7, Fragmentations and Divergence.

Vol 8 (2017): Engagement

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